Aurora Borealis in TimeLapse with ShooTools

“The Aurora Borealis and the unique scenery of Iceland captured in a mesmerizing way, where the amazing Auroras tell the story.” The wonders of the Aurora s are difficult to experience, normally only visible in arctic regions and at the Antartica. Now they are at your fingerti ps! In this up – coming film the Aurora Borealis and the unique s cenery of Iceland are captured in a mesmerizing way.

This is a non – narrative film but the Auroras can speak to you in their own way. The film was shot in mo re than 6 0 different locations around Iceland and put together from over 100.000 individual RAW High Res images. The film will be available in full HD and 4K resolution, on dvd and digital download in july 2014




Credits: Ice Land Aurora Films

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