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How to boost a Commercial with new ShooTools’ AutoPan

For Tagliaro commercial project we chose ShooTools slider Modula and the new AutoPan.


ShooTools AutoPan INTO the Forest

A revolutionary Electronic Tool designed to be Universal. You can install AutoPan on any slider in the market, regardless the brand and length, manual or motorized.
It has got an internal motor and a rechargeable battery that pan your camera in several different modes synchronized with the movement of your device.

ShooTools in Action:
Slider Modula


ShooTools Showreel by Mikael Masoero

This year was amazing. I think that I’ve been a lucky guy, travelling all around the world to shoot commercials and documentaries. More…

RUANDA – Documentary in Africa

Two weeks we lived the life of children of Kivumu , a tiny village in the center of Rwanda . We visited the site of another school building our new school that will , when finally be completed by the end of April, can accommodate as many as 1,000 students .


Casentino Senza Tempo

The ITALIA SENZA TEMPO team landed in Casentino. The park sited between Romagna and Tuscany is the scenario of the last video made by Angelo Chiacchio and Walter Molfese, two young Italian film-makers who have been exploring and capturing some of the most beautiful protected areas in Italy for several years.


Mikael Masoero ShowReel with ShooTools Equipments

This is a collection of some shot I made this year with a Nikon D800 and a Sony FS700.


Give more personality in a Music Video Clip with a Camera Slider!

The biggest risk you run during the shooting of a video clip in a forest is to be obvious and to propose something already seen. Trying not to be completely didactic I decided to use different shots and different camera movements in this way i would be able to keep a little rhythm during  editing.


De Longhi Corporate with ShooTools Slider

We decided to create a series of videorecipes in order to promote De Longhi’s new product.

For our creative proposition we used a minimal scenography with a main angle of shot, the plongè; we chose not to show the chef, but just her hands working on the main steps of the preparation.


Emotional video for Jeep

On the Jeep…  We were given 3 new models in the Jeep, we went for 3 days, tackling dirt, water, mud and lots of fun.


Wedding Trailer | Amalfi Coast with ShooTools Sliders

Wedding Trailer made ​​for a beautiful couples of Miami | Florida, in equipment used, together with  canon c100 and 5mark3 for timelapse, we used our trusty travel companion: the Slider ShooTools ONE 60


Teaser with Turntable ShooTools by Nudesign

Corporate Teaser for Hotpoint Ariston, make with Camera Dolly ShooTools in TurnTable Set Up.



Architecture Corporate by Davide Vasta

In architectural and building videos it is very important to mix properly different types of filming techniques, to obtain a “story” that is both technical and creative. The use of motorized sliders and heads, together with handheld shoots creates a proper “variation” that becomes crucial to the success of the video. More…

How to use a ShooTools Slider in a Fashion Promo

This video was conceived like a ‘mock’ backstage which was used as the main commercial to present Floch’s first collection.  Floch is a new brand that focuses its communication mainly online.


The powerfull of the Slider in a Documentary

The goal of this project was to promote online the Miniera della Bagnada, an old mine recently converted into an eco-museum.
Our idea was to create a short documentary in order to add value not only to the museum but also to the cultural and historical context around it.