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Nature TimeLapse by Kirk Norbury

“I thought I’d upload a short Showreel of some of my timelapse photography I’ve done over the last year. The video is quite short as I didn’t want to put too much footage into it as I will be showing it next year when I release my film on the Scotland’s beautiful Galloway Forest. Most of the footage was taken in the Galloway Forest and surrounding areas but I’ve also added a few shots from trip to Iceland in May.”


TimeLapse & HyperLapse by Davide Vasta

The Time Lapse techniques, by using interval picture capture, makes it easy to compress the time of common events from their realtime to seconds. The rapid growth of a flower; the sky from sunrise to sunset; a building being built over months, the only limit is the human creativity! By adding fast camera motion during time lapse it is also possible to obtain hyper lapses.