Give more personality in a Music Video Clip with a Camera Slider!

The biggest risk you run during the shooting of a video clip in a forest is to be obvious and to propose something already seen. Trying not to be completely didactic I decided to use different shots and different camera movements in this way i would be able to keep a little rhythm during  editing.


The story of this videoclip tell an evolution between  2 moments, there must be an explosive ending, a sort of calm before the storm i used my Camera Slider ONE 150 ShooTools especially in the opening scenes to catch the characters as they slept in the woods, to slide till CU, in WS and MS shots. During the second part of the video, I used the Camera Slider  ShooTools in some takes of the chorus, this because to the increasing intensity of the song had to match an increase of the hand-held camera and details shoots. Needless to say, the Slider movement in WS and MS shots, is useless if you shoot higher than 1 meter from the ground, and if  there are no objects nearby that make you perceive the camera movement (trees or bushes in my case). Whithout motorized heads, I consider very useful during the sliding to perform a rotation of the head mounted, in this way, the perception of the displacement of the camera is much more effective. IFor some movements I chose to use the manual slide, so as to be able to make faster movements, wich had a nice effect especially when shooting at 60fps.The only inconvenience that I had .. it was definitely the dimensions of the slider 150, sometimes is hard to move such a long tool and surely I can not say that i have used the entire length of the slider, which is much more useful in timelapse sessions…i definitely need a smaller version of ShooTools slider!

Credits: Paolo Bacchi


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