Moonrise over the observatory

A short film realised by the Italian Filmmaker Giovanni Antico for the Astronomical Observatory of the Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley. It gives a glimpse of its instruments and activities, from a typical guided visit for the public to scientific research.

It was shot in a night with almost full moon, at 100.000-200.000 ISO, mostly handheld but all the low angle movements were created with a ShooTools Camera Dolly 360.

“It’s really a great tool: enough light to be easily transportable but also enough heavy to make steady and smooth movements”, told us the author. “I was able to control and repeat the movements with a great precision. In this production I particularly experimented with circular paths and I was really impressed when the Dolly repeated the exact same trajectory after many turns, even when launched by hand with a considerable energy. The most difficult part in circular movements with a super wide lens was avoiding to be in the frame, I had to run and disappear like a Ninja after launching the Dolly, but that was also part of the fun!


Credits: GAntico

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