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ShooTools in School!

Although a lot of videomakers nowadays are self-made men who studied in the “field”, having a strong knowledge on video is the best starting point for a successful career in video and filming.

We at ShooTools believe strongly in that, and decided to become partner of one of the most interesting creative schools in Italy: ISIA Urbino


How to use a ShooTools Slider in a Fashion Promo

This video was conceived like a ‘mock’ backstage which was used as the main commercial to present Floch’s first collection.  Floch is a new brand that focuses its communication mainly online.


The powerfull of the Slider in a Documentary

The goal of this project was to promote online the Miniera della Bagnada, an old mine recently converted into an eco-museum.
Our idea was to create a short documentary in order to add value not only to the museum but also to the cultural and historical context around it.