ShooTools in School!

Although a lot of videomakers nowadays are self-made men who studied in the “field”, having a strong knowledge on video is the best starting point for a successful career in video and filming.

We at ShooTools believe strongly in that, and decided to become partner of one of the most interesting creative schools in Italy: ISIA Urbino

Founded in 1974 trains students in the fields of graphic, editorial design and photography offering a three-year undergraduate program leading to a a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Visual Communication, and two two-year Master’s programs in Communication, Design and Publishing, Illustration and Photography.

The partnership was made possible thanks to Davide Vasta  who is a professional VideoMaker and our partner. Davide has become teacher in the Video Editing course in the first months of 2014.

With is knowledge and creativity he leads his students during the semester  to the creation of a short-movie, only by using DLSR cameras and ShooTools equipment. The students approach the course step by step, starting from camera setup, moving then to shooting techniques with practical lab, and final editing.



(Foto: Giulio Fraccioli –


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