ShooTools Showreel by Mikael Masoero

This year was amazing. I think that I’ve been a lucky guy, travelling all around the world to shoot commercials and documentaries.
In my equipment can not miss the ShooTools slider:  is so smooth, especially when you need to use zoom lenses. In my mind the perfect slider movement is something that moves as slowly as possible, with the longer focal lens compatible with the shooting needs. That’s why I used a lot the motors and of course the autopan, but when there’s no time enought to set up all the things I just help my self with an elastic to pull the camera mounted on the slider.

Cameras :
• sony fs7
•­ sony a7s / a7s II with shogun recorder
•­ sony fs700 with odyssey
•­ nikon d800/d810

Lenses :
• ­ leica 35mm f1.4 summilux
•­ canon 24­-70 mm f2.8 / 70­-200 mm f2.8
•­ nikon 24-­70mm f2.8 VR / 70­-200 mm f2.8 / 50 mm f1.2


Credits: Mikael Masoero



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