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image Architecture Corporate by Davide Vasta

In architectural and building videos it is very important to mix properly different types of filming techniques, to obtain a “story” that is both technical and creative. The use of motorized sliders and heads, together with handheld shoots creates a proper “variation” that becomes crucial to the success of the video. More…

image Video Reflex Lessons by Davide Vasta

DSLR cameras are being used more often in video productions thanks to the their high quality. Both the interchangeable lenses and the width of the sensor make possible to create incredible videos to the point that they begin to be commonly used on cinema. Yes, that tiny camera you normally use to take pictures is an incredible videocamera with powerful capabilities! More…

image How to use a ShooTools Slider in a Fashion Promo

This video was conceived like a ‘mock’ backstage which was used as the main commercial to present Floch’s first collection.  Floch is a new brand that focuses its communication mainly online.