Tarvisiano Hidden Treasure with ShooTools pt2

Tarvisiano Hidden Treasure is a timelapse project about a small mountain area called Tarvisiano, located in the North-East of Italy, on the Slovenian and Austrian border. Even if this hidden region is unknown to most people, it encases wonderful lakes, amazing mountains, big waterfalls and untouched nature.

Day 3 – Mount Acomizza

August 12th. It was 5 p.m. and it was time for a new adventure on my mountains. I choosed a location I had on my bucket list for a long time: mount Acomizza, a particular-shaped mountain on the Italian- Austrian border. My dad drove me till a place called “La Rotonda”, at 1800m above the sea level. It was a short hike to get to the top, about half’n hour, but I was too late to shoot the sunset from there, so I stopped on the path and set up a timelapse with my ShooTools 150 motion plus. The sunset was not so good, the sky was too clear and there were no clouds, but I was very hopeful for the sequence I had in mind from this location for a long time: the milky way standing over the amazing Julian Alps, with the Valcanale valley in the middle.

Inspired by the amazing view, I got to the top in a really short time, and I was ready to set up my equipment to shoot the night lapse: the milky way was standing right over me in the sky. It was 11 p.m.

The shooting began!

It was completely dark and I still had not mounted my tent! I couldn’t make any light because I would have damaged the sequence. It took a bit more than usual, but I had no big problems to mount it in the darkness. It was time to sleep! The timelapse would have lasted about 4 hours, the alarm clock was set at 3 a.m. to stop the sequence and bring all the stuff in my tent.

The next alarm was set at 5 to shoot the sunrise, but the sky was too clear and I decided to come back in the tent and sleep till morning.

After have packed all my stuff, I had to come home by foot  following a long path leading directly to Camporosso.It took about two hours.

 It was a great adventure, as usual.


Day 4 – Fontanone di Goriuda

September 8th. After some rainy days, I were finally able to shoot in a location I had in mind for a long time: the famous Fontanone di Goriuda, the biggest waterfall in the area. This waterfall has the awesome peculiarity to have a so big cave behind it that you can walk behind the fall with a spectacular and particular view.

I arrived there ad 11 a.m. and I wanted to capture this beauty with a motion timelapse, thanks to my Shootools 150 Motion Plus. I spent a long time to find a great composition and sliding movement, I wanted to make something really impressive and awesome. There were many beautiful clouds in the sky, perfect for timelapsing. The only problem was caused by the water drops which were continously getting my lens wet. After shooting a trial sequence, I noticed that the drops were creating an interesting effect, so I decided to make the timelapse!

The shooting began! I choosed an interval of 2 seconds to have a smooth effect of the waterfall and the clouds. It took about 15 minutes to complete the sequence, I shot about 450 pictures. I got a great timelapse!

Packed all my stuff, I was ready for the next adventure at Marussich bivouak!

Credits: Bruno Pisani

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