Tarvisiano Hidden Treasure with ShooTools pt1

Tarvisiano Hidden Treasure is a timelapse project about a small mountain area called Tarvisiano, located in the North-East of Italy, on the Slovenian and Austrian border. Even if this hidden region is unknown to most people, it encases wonderful lakes, amazing mountains, big waterfalls and untouched nature.

Day #1 – Fog in the forest

The weather was not so good, the tops of the mountains were surrounded by clouds, and it seemed it was going to rain. The day before, I had hiked to the top of the famous mount Lussari (1790m  a.s.l.), and I found a particular situation: the forest  was all covered by fog, it seemed to be on another planet. Hoping to find the same conditions, I hiked from Camporosso, placed at 800m above the sea level,  to the top of the mountain again with all my stuff. The hike was hard and steep, it took me about one hour and half.

Arrived at the top, there was exactly what I had expected! I easily found a great spot to set up my equipment, composed by Shootools Slider ONE 150 Motion Plus, some tripods and a Nikon Camera. The shooting started! The sun was sometimes coming out from the fog creating a surreal atmosphere. I took about 500 shots. I was so excited that I completely forgot to have lunch!

Day #2 – Mount Sagran

Tarvisiano, Hidden Treasure – Experience #2 – Mount Sagran

3rd of August. The sky is clear, just some clouds on the horizon. I decide to hike to a spot I know pretty well: the place where I shot the photograph which won the 2nd prize at National Geographic Photo Contest in 2013, a mountain called Sagran located on the Italian-Austrian border, at the hight of 1958m  a.s.l..

After driving for some kilometers through Ugovizza Valley, my dad stops me at the beginning of of the path, at about 1200m; it’s 5.45 p.m.. At the beginning, the climb is not that hard, but my rucksack is really heavy: I have a lot of stuff with me; passed Nordio Hut and Lom Saddle, I get to the top of the mountain at 7.40p.m.. I quickly leave my stuff on the ground and I start scouting around to find the location to shoot the sunset. I notice two trees standing on a tight rock formation: that’s perfect!

I set up my Slider ONE 150 Motion Plus  and choose the composition and the camera movement: the shooting begins! The sunset is good and the timelapse is great! Good way to start the evening!

Waiting for the moon, I notice that the it is not already rised, and the milky way is clear and vivid. After taking some shots, I set up a quick timelapse of the moon which illuminates the night sky. Setting up the slider is really quick and easy, so I don’t miss this particular situation.

While the camera is shooting, I see some fog expanding on the horizon. In a very little time, a spectacular sea of fog surrounds the top of my mountain, creating a surreal effect! The fog moves really fast and a timelapse is perfect to capture this amazing phenomenon. The sliding movement of the previous timelapse is done, so I begin another one, a static detail.






Credits: Bruno Pisani


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