Vegetime 2 by Davide Vasta

“Tempus Fugit” is a latin metaphor that describes the inexroble passing of time. And nowadays this metaphor is even more actual! People use this phrase during work (hurry up! We need to finish that work!) or simply in life (don’t wait for tomorrow to do something you could do today!)
Time passes and we can’t control it. But is it true?

Time Lapse is one of the more elegant forms of time control! With this technique we can really “control” the passing of time, by compressing a phenomenon whom duration can also be of months, to a couple of seconds!

For a persona approach to life I am deeply linked with time, and I always ask myself how can Icontrol it. In past times I have done a lot of experiments on time compression, and one of the longest (one year long!) was “Vegetime” a vegetables decay time lapse.

Video Vegetime:

In that occasion I used a very cheap camera (Brinno GardenCam Watch) to obtain a fixed point timelapse on vegetables decay.

But after five years i wanted to do something new and more dynamic. I went back to my “time lab” and start thinking about the new project. I came out with a moving timelapse based on a 150cm motorized slider from ShooTools and a old Nikon D200 on top of it. I have choosen such an old camera because I didn’t want to destroy the shutter of new and expensive Nikon and also because bye using low ISO i still achieved a very good quality.

Before getting to the end of the project I made a lof of experiments and lots of them were faulty.
But this is the real experimentation: you keep trying until you get it! Technically speaking I shot at 1/25 with a F8 Aperture and 500 ISO. The images were all RAW
that later on i converte to full resolution JPEGS. They were then assembled into a high resolution video that edited on a Full HD Adobe Premiere timeline gave me the opportunity to create deep zooms.

The most common question I get when people see my experiments is: “why you do that?”
Well ther answer is quite simple! How can you create something cool for a customer if you don’t spend some of your time doing new things? Unfortunately nowadays people don’t make experiments! I do!
And also: creating such videos and publishing them online gives you visibility… the one you deserve as a professional in the actual social media oriented market!
Well, there’s one last thing I would like to share with you guys. In a market that pushes technology ahead of creativity we MUST bring back the importance of US and our Creativity from which we will decide which technology we need… not the opposite!


• Who is Davide Vasta

Davide Vasta, Videomaker and Photographer from Palermo, produces videos with different techniques and creative languages such as: Lip Dub, Time Lapse, Hyper Lapse, Tilt Shift. Premium partner of ShooTools, he uses the italian company technologies to shoot scenes of a video always from the best creative point of view. He teaches Visual Communication and Graphic Design at University for Foreigners in Perugia, Computer Graphics and Digital Image Editing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia and Videomaking at ISIA Urbino. He is the author of the four most important LipDubs in Italy. He collaborates with Nikon, Adobe, DeAgostini and ShooTools.


He is the author of the first italian book on DSLR video Video con la Reflex”  from Apogeo Editor


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