Video Reflex Lessons by Davide Vasta

DSLR cameras are being used more often in video productions thanks to the their high quality. Both the interchangeable lenses and the width of the sensor make possible to create incredible videos to the point that they begin to be commonly used on cinema. Yes, that tiny camera you normally use to take pictures is an incredible videocamera with powerful capabilities!

But obviously, shifting from pictures to videos isn’t that fast and easy. Without a proper guide it’s very easy to make mistakes. For this reason, the “Video Reflex” course by Davide Vasta, has defined in Italy an excellence of his own. It has been design for DSLR owners that want to move towards videomaking in the best way.




• Who is Davide Vasta

Davide Vasta, Videomaker and Photographer from Palermo, produces videos with different techniques and creative languages such as: Lip Dub, Time Lapse, Hyper Lapse, Tilt Shift. Premium partner of ShooTools, he uses the italian company technologies to shoot scenes of a video always from the best creative point of view. He teaches Visual Communication and Graphic Design at University for Foreigners in Perugia, Computer Graphics and Digital Image Editing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia and Videomaking at ISIA Urbino. He is the author of the four most important LipDubs in Italy. He collaborates with Nikon, Adobe, DeAgostini and ShooTools.




He is the author of the first italian book on DSLR video Video con la Reflex”  from Apogeo Editor.


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